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    SOLD JNS Mazaki Gyuto 240mm Charcoal Quenched Hon San Mai White 2 (made together with Kiyoshi Kato)

    Hey guys i would like to sell this JNS Mazaki Gyuto 240mm Charcoal Quenched Hon San Mai white 2. This one is really special because of the extra kanji on the backside. Asked Maksim from Japanese Natural Stones about it, and he said this knife was made together with Kiyoshi Kato, when Mazaki was...
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    WTB Kiyoshi kato kiri box

    Hi all, If anyone is interested in selling :)
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    WTB WTB Kato WH

    Hi guys, I am looking to but a kato wh gyuto. Please let me know if anyone is selling :). Brand new or used Cheers
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    kato KU question

    Hello! I'm very curious about how kato's knife is oxidized black, using bluing solutions will get an all black oxide layer, but his kitchen knife has a lot of oxide layer peeling off