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  1. k4mino

    WTS Ohira Uchigomori Jito ***Price Drop***

    Selling this Uchigomori Jito from Ohira mine in Kyoto. There are some nice details on the stone with a lot of Renge. It’s used as finisher in the final process of polishing. The Stone is very hard and suitable for Jibiki. Ohira Uchigomori are finer than Mizukihara and creates a fine, light and...
  2. k4mino

    WTS Ohira Uchigomori Hato. *** Price Drop***

    Selling this Beautiful Ohira Uchigomori Hato. Leaving a even and typical cloudy finish, that brings out a good contrast. It’s a stone of medium hardness with around 3.0-3.5 and a fineness around 4. Nice to use on knives with bigger bevel or tricky Shinogi lines and will remove all visiable...
  3. k4mino

    SOLD Ohira Suita Renge Suminagashi

    Selling this Ohira Suita Renge Suminagashi because I bought a bigger one with similar characteristics. I bought this Stone from Satoshi Kanomata known for his shop https://whetstone.shopselect.net/ It’s slightly harder than medium and is recommended as a finisher but also has nice polishing...
  4. k4mino

    SOLD Awasedo Ohira Kiita **Price Drop**

    Selling this Ohira Kiita from JMS, because I have a similar stone. 205 mm x 75 mm x 43 mm 1650g Grit 8k+ Hardness 3-3.5 Light & Shiny Finish Fast speed Crack can be ignored Can be used as final finisher Sealed Price: 400€ 350€ 325€ 300€ Prices is not with shipping, can be shipped worldwide...
  5. M

    Withdrawn Ohira Uchigumori for sale. Great quality, beautiful and rare

    Hi. I am thinking of selling this awesome soft uchigumori polisher. Perfect for kasumi finish. Leaves nice and smooth finish on the bevel. Could be used for sharpening too. Originally bought from Watanabe many years ago. At that time he said it was one of the best uchis that he came across...
  6. Apocalypse

    WTS Some special stones

    Again, need funds towards a new home Ohira Tomae - $550 Yaginoshima Asagi Tomae - $1800