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  1. KasumiJLA

    Honyaki restoration project - Going to document my journey

    It's the first time I'm going to tackle a honyaki and I've embarked on a big project. It is a blade forged by a blacksmith in Sweden that is made of 26c3 steel, which is very close to a shirogami steel. Do I like this blade profile, not really. It's halfway between a honesuki and a gyuto. But...
  2. G

    Maleham & Yeomans Cutlers Sheffield old Knife

    Hey guys, yesterday I found a really rusty carbon knife in a thrift recycling store. It was 100% covered by orange rust and had an strange shape. Today I bought some sandpaper and rust eraser and started to remove that rust as much as I can. It is an old Maleham & Yeomans. I did some research...