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  1. J

    Withdrawn Carbon petty (used) - Aus/NZ

    Have seen some excellent petty knives around lately but many are BnIB or not in AUS / NZ. The cost of shipping makes the transaction unviable in the latter case. Looking for something in full carbon, around 150mm, 30-35mm tall (ie not a taller one with more knuckle clearance for board work). I...
  2. O

    SOLD TF nashiji santoku 165 mm

    Really nice affordable TF really closer to bunka… W1 in excellent condition. Asking $150 shipped to CONUS.
  3. J

    Y. Tanaka

    Gday people. I live in Australia and have been looking at some Y Tanaka knives. Chefs-edge has HADO shirogami 2, and Sakai Kikumori Tanaka x kyuzo aogami 1 knives. The Hado are a wide bevel with great geometry. Both are similar prices. What would be the pros and cons to each? I am really tossing...