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  1. J

    Withdrawn Takada Sujihiki -

    Looking for a Takada no Hamono petty / sujihiki 210mm - 270mm. Not looking for special finishes or cladding although they’re welcome — HH is fine — and am happy with something that has been used, sharpened has a patina etc. Any carbon steel, not ginsan. If I can’t find one relatively quickly, I...
  2. J

    Withdrawn Tanaka x Yohei

    Hello all! Looking for a BNIB Tanaka x Yohei 210mm or 240mm gyuto in Blue 1. Not too fussed about the handle, but am looking for kasumi finish. Looking for the lightest, laser-iest example I can find. Would also consider Takada 210mm and 240mm in kasumi, Suiboku (or HH at the right price). If...
  3. enrico

    SOLD Takada suji, Shiraki honyaki

    Could use some $$ so I’ll price this accordingly. Takada “240mm” HH blue 2 suji and Shiraki “210mm” white 2 honyaki gyuto. Takada is used twice, great for trimming/slicing/ and even board work if you don’t want to switch knives. Shiraki is a very competent knife. Handle is really nice as...
  4. dehory

    SOLD Konosuke FM Damascus B1 240, Jiro 225, Takada No Hamono Suiboku B2 240, Kono FM W2 150, Kato STD 240

    Knives have been traded and sold (see table below). The Kato STD has been withdrawn for now. Thank you to everyone who made such generous trade offers. I’d like to trade one or more of the following and primarily looking for: Kippington 210-270 in any steel or grind — lightly used 240ish...
  5. rasmusmadsen

    WTB Let me buy your Jiros

    Hello KKF, I am looking for new gyutos. I'm primarily looking for a Jiro gyuto around 210-240mm. (Both WA and Yo) Otherwise I would like to buy Konosuke FM.