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  1. S

    WTS - EU FUJIWARA Denka WA Gyuto 240mm

    Have a bit of age and some patina, but in overall great conditioning 🙌🏻 Located in Denmark, so would prefer a EU sale, but send me a message and we will figure it out! Weigth: 201g Measurements 240mm x 54mm and 3mm wide closest to the handle. If you want more specs please let me know and i...
  2. OwlWoodworks

    Kaiju and TF Steel

    G'day hivemind, After using many a knife, I have discovered that the only two knives I have never sharpened and at this point seem like they'll never need sharpening are my Konosuke Fujiyama Kaiju and my Teruyasu Fujiwara Denka. Now my understanding is that my Kaiju is Blue 1 and my Denka is...