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  1. D

    SOLD Tetsujin metal flow 240mm with upgrade handle

    Hi KKF, I am selling a BNIB testujin metal flow. The knife has an ebony + blonde horn upgrade handle on it. The wrought shows plenty of neat details. Specs: 230 x 51 mm 206 g 500 USD shipped Pics are as follows: let me know if you want to see any of the pics in high res --...
  2. cwk.v

    SOLD Tetsujin B#2 Kasumi Taihei Rosewood + Nakagawa x Myojin B#1 Damascus 240mm gyutos - BNIB

    Hello all, Consider this my moving halfway across the US knife sale part 1 Still have this Nakagawa x Myojin B#1 Damascus Gyuto 240mm - BNIB -- ***SOLD*** - Paid $575 from CKTG --> Looks like one sold recently for $475 so I'll match that price - 228 x 50 - 3.1mm at heel - 210g - Confirmed...