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  1. T

    WTB Toyama - Pairing Knife, Chinese Cleaver, Bloomery Iron, Fuguhiki, Honyaki Santoku, Honyaki Sujihiki

    Hey Guys! I want to make a WTB thread, with all the Toyamas im missing for finishing my collection. What im looking for; Toyama Kasumi Ko Deba 135mm Toyama Ironclad Kasumi Pairing Knife 80mm Toyama Sakimaru Tabobiki 300-360mm Bought Toyama Ironclad Nakiri 180-210mm - Bought Toyama Ironclad...
  2. 1

    WTB Looking for Takeda 215x60 bunka/kiritsuke

    Takeda kiritsuki preferred, or similar. I need good height, 60ish. That 180 posted is just a tad too small. 215-225 would be best for me. Please pm if you can part with one.
  3. cwk.v

    SOLD Watanabe Pro 180mm Nakiri

    Sadly I'm a square who doesn't like squares. Watanabe Pro Nakiri 180mm Blue 1 SS Clad - purchased direct from Watanabe for $411. Would like to sell for $350. - sharpened once - Upgraded Walnut and brown-dyed maple handle - 62mm at heel Open to trades for 230mm+ gyutos from: - Spare -...
  4. myguidingmoonlight

    SOLD Toyama Stainless Clad 240 Gyuto, Gesshin Heiji Stainless 220 Gyuto, Munetoshi 240 Gyuto

    Letting 3 great knives go. Ships from Canada, payment through Paypal G&S, first $20 shipping covered by me. Toyama Stainless Clad 240 Specs: 244 mm x 54 mm, ~200 g Great cutter and great blue steel; it's a classic. It was stropped a few times on a Shapton 2k, but never went through a full...
  5. myguidingmoonlight

    SOLD Toyama Iron Clad

    Letting this beauty of a blade go, I haven't been reaching for it much lately, and a knife like this should have a good home. My Stainless Clad Toyama 240 has it beat in everything except that it can't produce the beautiful kasumi and patina of this 210 iron clad. I removed the old JNS handle...