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  1. J

    First ~3 synthetic stones

    I have caved to pressure from forum members to sharpen my own knives (in truth, I have been encouraged by kind members who messaged me with guidance and supportive words). I know that 'recommend me beginner stones' has been done to death, and that nobody wants to rehash what has already been...
  2. 1

    SOLD Shapton glass & ceramics whetstones, barely used

    Been trying to get good at sharpening on whetstones for a while and just never got the hang of it. Deciding to get an easier system like the worksharp. Stones have barely been used. Trying to sell as a lot all at once. In order in the picture: Shapton #220 Glass Sharpening Stone HR (this one...
  3. Tailibaba

    Morihei 3k Green (Imanishi) vs Imanishi 3k White

    As I "guessed" that well known Morihei 3k Green is actually Imanishi 3k Green. Imanishi 3k green is lower grade version comparing to Imanishi 3k White (higher grade, mixed a lot of abbrasive materials, but also much more expensive). But they are both not hard. For me, they are a bit soft...
  4. 1

    Shapton ceramic vs glass stones?

    I was recommended to get a 3000 grit whetstone to touch up my sg-2 and vg-10 knives. However Shapton only makes 3000 grit on their glass stones and not the ceramic/pro line. They do have their ceramic stones in the 5000 grit. should i just go with that one? Another option is a King stone at 4000...
  5. 1

    what grit whetstones do you need?

    Ok so I have some japanese knives (SG2 and VG10 steel), and some german knives. I was told for the german knives all I need is a 1K grit whetstone which I have (Shapton pro). That's all I have.... with my recent aquisitions of japaense knives i found out that people like to get some higher grit...