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2012 International Chefs Congress Tickets in NYC

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Apr 14, 2011
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I am selling my two tickets to this years Chef's Congress in NYC. Due to a recent change in jobs I will not be attending (I'll be participating in a restaurant opening :biggrin:). The price for tickets is currently $349 a piece. I am selling mine for $200 each/$400 both OBO.
Tickets are not a physical item and this will require transfer of registration. If you are interested please PM me. I believe that the easiest way to finalize all the details will be over the phone (we can 3 way call the registration center). Also, this event is only open to Foodservice Professionals. PayPal is my preferred method of payment, however I may be open to other methods. Thanks for looking.

Currently both tickets are pending based on if people can get time off. I will update accordingly. I will start a "wait list" so to speak if anyone else is interested and PM's me. Thanks.
I'll be attending. Is there a thread about those going?