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SOLD 3 Ironwood Blocks

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Gay for Gyutos
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Jan 24, 2020
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Meant to post these last week but forgot. I am not jocking off @thebradleycrew ‘s swag. Ahem. 😉😚

Need to make room for new ironwood inventory, so just wanna sell these off for now. Beautifully figured, if you know how bad my addiction with ironwood is, then you know that I get in some good stuff. Not polished, but I don’t think it really needs it. Not stabilized since ironwood is naturally dry, dense, and hard (kinda like me).

All of the blocks are 5.3”x 1.75”x 1.25”, enough for one wa/yo handle, or two wa handles if you know what you’re doing.

Price: $25 SOLD, USA ONLY (international, let’s talk in the DM’s) If ya take all of ‘em, I’ll pay for shipping.

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