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SOLD $450 Takeda gen2 (pre-AS and NAS) bunka

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Dec 20, 2020
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Los angeles
Selling this takeda gen2 bunka. These older ones are a gem if you like thicker spines - it’s just over 3mm vs the AS/NAS gen, which are around 1.8mm. Makes a huge difference in the flex (or lack therof) compared to current ones.

To those who know and don’t love the modern arrow grind, the choil shot here should be a revelation. I also put it next to current gen so you can see the difference in spine thickness.

155x43, 121g. Looks to be original handle with telltale epoxy. Saya is a really nice hardwood, weighs 77g.

Wish I could offer as good a price as the nakiri that just went, but sadly I paid much more.

$575 -> $450 CONUS

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Ok I am home now and I think I can rule out fissure or reweld.

I have another takeda from the same generation that I got from a trustworthy member of KKF which has a similar effect and I’m certain that one wasn’t put back together in a manner that might leave this effect. Additionally, the handle where the tang is inserted has the telltale takeda epoxy and the handle looks original, but I think it would be impossible to reweld without damaging the handle with the heat necessary. Further, the choil and neck still have original KU and a rough easing, which again wouldn’t be present with a reweld since you would need to smooth the transition. Therefore, my opinion is that it has something to do with however takeda was making these knives back then, and I am attaching some pics for reference:

First pic shows the gyuto (not for sale) and bunka (for sale) for reference.

Next pic shows similar effect on both blades near the handle.

Next pic shows effect on gyuto’s reverse side. Bunka does not have anything interrupting the KU on the other side.

Obviously takedas from this generation are 10-15 years old so tough to piece together their provenance but I did buy this bunka from a reputable vintage knife seller. I stand by what I sell here so if there is any issue I am more than happy to work it out with whoever ultimately buys this.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.