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SOLD Bazes Gyuto 240

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Bico Doce

aka Big Dice / Bocce Ballz / Big Douche
Mar 30, 2020
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Hey KKF,

I would like to sell this Bazes. This was intended to stay in the line up as a gyuto/suji hybrid but I ended up pulling the trigger on a sujihiki. Bazes work is fantastic. This blade has beautiful suminagashi cladding that has developed a nice patina. With that said, I can remove the patina upon request. I have used this knife < 10 times, never sharpened or stropped. Here are the specs:

Edge length: 240 mm

Height: 52 mm

Weight: 194 grams

Steel: Blue 2, Iron Clad

Handle: Curly Black Walnut

Hrc: 63 - 64

Profile: Sanjo style, thick spine, not too much taper until you reach the very tip. Super thin BTE, convex designed for food release. This is a potato/protein slayer (ok on onions, too thick for squash)

Comes with padded case.

Asking $820 $800 shipped/insured CONUS, international DM please







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Alex’s asymmetrical grind is one of the best in the game. Plus, the custom he made me had one of the best cutting feels I have ever experienced.

Here’s another choil shot. I didnt specify an asymmetric grind so I had to take another look at it. I think there is a low spot near the heel that is making it seem more asymmetric than it is. In use I could not tell a difference from my symmetric ground knives

EDIT: this has been confirmed as being asymmetric favoring right handers, sorry for the confusion on my part

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Small drop and bump! $800 shipped/insured in conus
Amazing, these custom knife makers do such an amazing job and the fact that you can get these knives customs I just feel the Japanese makers just can’t compete with that especially at the price points these knives are sold for

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