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SOLD Bridgetown Forge Heavy Kitchen Cleaver - 200mm x 85mm / 8"

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Jan 9, 2019
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Bend, OR
Hey folks, don't see these much around the forum, but Arnon is a Portland, Oregon smith who teaches blacksmithing and makes rustic, Japanese style kitchen utensils. I picked this up from him directly, but just never used it. It's brand new, unused. It's a heavy cleaver and meant to work. It is 52100 ball bearing blade, thicker grind meant for heavier duty tasks. I have a couple from him and they are are nice knives for intended purposes. Would make a great camping cook knife as well as general cleaver.

I paid $315, asking $250 CONUS/$275 Int'l. Specs and photos below.

Bridgetown Forge200mmHeavy Cleaver52100 ball bearing steelBurnt oak with stainless collar341 grams197mm blade85mm heel330mm OAL

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