Carter using blue again?

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NO ChoP!

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Apr 11, 2011
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North Carolina
Noticed he has a bunch of AS lately....

Maybe his talk of not taking customs will blow over also....

Also, has anyone else noticed when he puts new sfgz or ku with plain handles, they're selling instantly?
When he first said that he would only be using white steel, I called him and asked if he would sell me his AS stock. He told me then that he would still use it from time to time, just not for custom orders. Then he announced that he would no longer be doing custom orders. Too much demand to just give it up all together.

These AS may as well come from some semifinished batches he forged a while ago and just didn't finish until now...
I read in one of his e-mail letters several months ago that he had a batch of AS, maybe left over from previous stock. He said he was going to make several knives out of it, and when it is gone, that's it. It appears that many of his newer knives are being made from white steel again, so maybe his stock is running down now. But who knows, maybe he will buy more. Demand certainly is high for it. Every knife he made out of AS sold almost instantly.
He should realize that there is demand and buy more blue. :) I'm waiting for the appropriate size blue gyuto to show up so I can sell my current blue Carter gyuto.