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SOLD Dalman s-grind 230 & Lew Griffin 213 s-grind

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Apr 15, 2011
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I have two s-grind knives for sale but very different from each other. I am selling both because neither one is really used and I'm over s-grinds at the moment.

Dalman 230x47 AEB-L s-grind
Spine at heel: 3.1mm
Spine midway: 2.34mm
10cm from tip: 0.60mm
Weight: 144gm

This is one of Robin's earlier knives where the s-grinds are really thin making it a true laser. It has good food separation for it's thinness. Not much else to say because Robin's work speaks for itself. This knife also comes with the wildest custom saya.

Asking $485 w/saya shipped in the CONUS

Lew Griffin 215x53 52100
Spine at heel: 3.1mm
Spine midway: 3.0
10cm from tip: 1.8
Weight: 200gm

This is a hefty s-grind. There is very little taper until it approaches the tip. If you are looks for a fine tip for delicate work this is not your knife. It's mid-weight that excels on potatoes, root vegetable, and hearty produce. The handle is made of stabilized Holm Oak

Full disclosure: I handsanded the knife to an 800 grit finish and the handle to 1000 grit finish. The patina in the photos was removed with some metal polish. The knife needs a quick sharpening job.

I paid $350 euro + $60 euro for shipping. I paid about $440.00 USD all in.

Asking $375 USD shipped in the CONUS

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking !
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