Damn, it has been a long time.

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Feb 28, 2011
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Tonight I hung out with a knife forum member. It was good.

I asked about a sheep's foot parer from Marko and he showed me his latest Mario honyaki he bought second hand.

In January I met up with Mario twice, once in Chicago and another time in Milwaukee. It was really fun and so good to see him.

And even though I don't hang around the forums much -- kids will rob you of that time -- I still have met some of the best people I have known on this forum and the one forum that imploded way back when. You know the one.

Anyhow...it has been a long time since I had a knife party...and the reason why is because I now prefer to host punk rock parties instead of knife parties. And frankly, the last knife party I was planning was with Danny, and then he abruptly passed away...and that still makes me sad.

RIP Danny.

Anyhow, I can't offer much in terms of knives these days. Mine are dull...but if you want to make the hike to Minneapolis and come see a punk show and check out my knives, I will be having a show on 25 April in Minneapolis.

I really should poke around these forums more.


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Thanks for checking in -- glad you are enjoying life. KKF has been great for developing some good long-term friendships. When the upcoming ECG takes place in late April only about 20-25% of the crowd will be active forum participants. It's really just a nice way of pulling a lot of old friends together, and bringing some new people into the mix, plus adding in some locals who know nothing about the forums.

You know whenever you are going to be in the DC area there is an open door here for you, and/ or the possibility of a dinner in DC at a restaurant helmed by a chef who is sympathetic to the knife hobby.
Long time for me, too. This is my first post in almost three and a half years. I have been reading again for the last month but seeing you post has inspired me to break my silence.

When I came back to the forum I was happy to see so many familiar names still here, but sad not to see certain others, including yours. As I searched for the missing I found a thread from a few years ago listing “favorite” members where your name was mentioned along with many others I remember well.

You’re one of the personalities that really stood out to me back in the day. I remember you posting pictures of a cute little Misono you had custom handled for one of your children, and thinking that you must be a cool dad. Were you also toying with the idea of custom table knives at one point?

Glad that you are alive and well, and hello again to old friends here.
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I mean, Johnny B. and Wild Boar. You two are classic amazing members.

And I also talked with Salty last week which just kind of cracked my silence. Who doesn't love Salty? Bring me names.

There are none.

And the last time I actually interacted on this forum or with a member, I think I was drinking wine at WildBoar's house, so anyhow...I hope to follow this forum again more in earnest. I just cleaned my sharpening station off, which now is stacked with 8-track tapes...(another story)...but Mario and I were talking about my last knife party and it was amazing really.

For three days, my house was a debris field of knife enthusiasts, and my wife still talks about how that was possibly the best party she ever went to.

And though I am more likely to pay for a punk rock band to come play my house, at every punk rock show I throw -- there are also knife people present.
Salty is the reason I own a KS. I think about him sometimes when cutting onions and drinking martinis.

I saw some pictures from the last ECG and thought it could be a good excuse to finally visit DC, but how does one board a plane with thousands of dollars of kitchen knives? ;)
<ahem> At my house on April 26.... Just sayin! You don't even need to bring knives, as there will be plenty here to play with. It's more about the people than the knives these days, although it's always cool to see stuff from some of the newer makers as well as some of the old school 'grails'.

Warning though -- the main music here these days is the theme song from Spongebob. :D Seein' as how he's a cook, his show has been accepted into the house.

My son is just a couple weeks short of 7 now. I don't have much in the way of punk music, but he has shown an interest in the Clash and Green Day. I can't put on a Sex Pistols album though, or my wife would probably grab one of the knives and fillet me.
Yeah, 26th is tough to pull off. I have five bands playing at my house the night before. But I will leave a couple of links to the music. The next time I am in DC will be mid-March.

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If you think you'll have some time in March let me know. I'm currently Mr. Mom in the evenings on Monday - Wednesday, but open on other nights.
Anyhow, I can't offer much in terms of knives these days. Mine are dull...

That’s funny. Last punk party I attended at Mr.Drinky’s I was slicing charcuterie with his wootz suji and commenting to the punk girl next to me that the handle was oosik. She said ‘I know’ and went on to tell me how to work with it as she was a crafts person of some sort. Great crew in attendance at these things. A few more knerds in the mix would be amazing.