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Sep 19, 2016
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I primarily use Firefox as my browser and 98% of the time it works fine but now that their market share is down to <4% occasionally you find a site where it is relatively crippled. MTC Kitchen is one such site, the stones pages don't display properly although most of the site works fine. I'm interested in what other users are liking in privacy oriented browsers (Chrome need not apply)? Right now I'm using Brave as my primary backup.
I have sort of the same question with regard to search engines. If I could restore Google to the level of functionality it had a decade or more ago I would despite their penchant for data theft but modern Google IMO is both a crappy search engine AND too much of a data miner. DuckDuckGo is not great but sort of acceptable although the (apparently debunked) story that they were purging independent/non-mainstream sources was disquieting. Is anyone using Mojeek or MetaGer or ??? and liking it?
Opera? My alternatives right now are Opera and DuckDuckgo as indeed searching using Google only gets me crap someone paid for. Reading with interest....