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WTS - EU Devin Thomas 240 Magnacut Gyuto with Cocobolo handle

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Jan 18, 2016
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Hello everyone,

today I am offering another special piece for sale (no trades!)... my Magnacut Gyuto from Devin Thomas.

The knife came directly from Devin from one of the very first batches in Magnacut (about 2 years old). The blade has a san mai construction with a cutting edge layer of Magnacut.

The knife was used a few times at home to make dinner. Not often. Never got a coarse grind from me, just a touchup on the Kitayama.
The photos reflect the current condition.

I prefer "patina" though and so it mostly stays in the drawer and may now go to make room for a rusting candidate.

Blade length: 240 mm
Blade thickness before the handle approx. 3.5 mm
Balance point approx. at the "N" from Devin

great all-round profile, great fit & finish

Handle: Cocobolo, ferrule made of stab. Bog oak plus black&white spacers

Price: 930 EUR / 990 USD incl. insured DHL shipping within Europe

(no trades)








Public Service Announcement. Buy this. If I didn't already have four and a fifth in the hopper, I would be figuring out how to get this thing from the EU back to the USA where it belongs. 😉

All you EU guys... what are you waiting for?! Buy this knife and you can be one-and-done.

You're welcome.
Sorry folks for the slow reply... been on a business trip for a couple of days. Ok so...

What is the high heel? Thanks

54 mm

It’d be nice to know the weight as well as heel height.

Weight is 268 g

Do you mind providing a photo of the blade with the handle on the left and the tip on the right? It appears that the edge comes up pretty quick to the tip and the cladding gets really close to the edge on one side. TIA!

Actually not really sure how to photograph that (which side of the blade do you mean?) because there is quite a fine finish on the steel as well as on the cladding but no... that cladding does not come too close to the edge at any point
KKF B/S/T is gone crazy - still available ... crazy ...

You will not find (IMO) a better (all around chef) blade (mid weight) or steel (w/ chromium) or heat treat (duh/Thomas family developed & tested the steel w/ heat treats) ... just my $0.02 ... so sad there isn't an "option" to possibly work with someone (who is very nice ?) from the US ... me want ... oh well ...

Plus I actually do have some "rustable" alternatives (if trading would help) but (full disclosure) these two are stainless clad ... can you say "Tony Lasuer" &/or "James Oatley" ... just sayin ... you know how to find (PM) me senor ~

Hope you are having a great week ...
Hi everyone,

already have some offers from US (not from EU unfortunately!). So you consider this "reserved" unless someone from the EU is willing to take this beauty of my hands :)

BR, Iggy

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