early summer I went to a restaurant supply house and bought..

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Feb 1, 2013
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some tiny baking sheets. they are tiny!! my wife thought I was being goofy, but they have been so useful!! I use them as drip trays when I am thawing something in the refrigerator, I hold a single steak for seasoning, resting a steak before slicing and serving ( I prop it off the surface on chopstick "bridges"), I use them for stuff I have ready to go into the wok, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - they are the best spoon holder for "next to stove". I tend to burn my wooden spoons, so it is nice to have a spot to lay them after stirring. pretty good vessels for paper toweling bacon!!

even my wife loves them. I have used them at camp as serving dishes, or as the camp plate!!

I have a strange thing for baking sheets. hahah

I HAVE NOT used them for baking anything. coffee cup for size reference. these are 1/8th sheets I think.


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