Evercut Knife. Anyone heard of it?

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Feb 28, 2011
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First of all, I'm not one to fall for gimmicks, so I am not in the market for this knife. I just happened upon it at the A+R site for a hefty $235 and wondered if anyone had experienced this knife.

If you look at the beef cutting image, it looks similar in size/shape (roughly) to that peasant knife sold at Lee Valley.

Anyhow, the description is kind of interesting. The knifemaker (company) even went so far as to get an independent testing agency to test it against 450 knives. The video is pure hype, and I never buy the idea that a blade needs no sharpening, but I thought I'd share it anyhow.

So here it is. I thought I would set this one up on a fence post and let people throw stones at it.


The titanium coating has been a big deal in woodworking tools for some time now, you can recognize it by the gold tone color. It seems a great idea, but in my experience the coating fails readily at the very edge and then degrades rapidly. If you were to only cut soft material, never touch bone or the wrong type of cutting board, these might last a long time. But like ceramic blades, miracles do not always perform in real life as they do in a controlled laboratory environment.
I would let others use one for a while before making any evaluation!
You can tell from the way the demonstrator is holding the knife it clearly is a fantastic investment :cool2:
Those wacky French and their miracle knives! Maybe for the average home cook it might never need sharpening but I don't think it would stand up very well in a pro kitchen.
Dang, looks like I will have to sell all my stones now.