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SOLD Felippi Porto Wrought/52100 Gyuto 270

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Bico Doce

Senior Member
Mar 30, 2020
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Hey KKF,

I'm trying to raise some funds for a few big items so with that said I would like to sell my Felippi Porto gyuto. I received this in April this year. It has seen use but has only lightly been touched up on stones (pretty much a strop). It is a forged hollow geometry with the bevel finished on stones. From a performance perspective I think this knife is great. Felippi is making big strides in his knife development and taking risks with new techniques. This isn't on par with Catchesides forged geometry, the bevel is a bit thicker but Felippi did a fantastic job. Food release is great and the grind seems to be slightly asymmetric favoring righty's (think Bazes). The profile has a serious distal taper and being on the longer side there is a little flex but nothing that should inhibit performance.

I did clean up the bevels and removed some of the errant scratches that were left (Felippi is open that he is still learning how to work with stones) and I think the job came out quite nice, although I am not a kasumi king by any means and someone with better polishing chops could really make the wrought iron pop.

Here are the specs:
270 x 58 mm
231 grams
52100/wrought iron clad
Handle: jacaranda imperial
Comes with padded case and saya

Asking $450 shipped/insured in US (international DM please)