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SOLD Fellow Ode Generation 1 grinder $125

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Oct 7, 2018
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Up for sale is my Fellow Ode grinder, this is a Gen 1 with Gen 1 burrs. Used for a few years with absolutely no issues, nice robust motor for V60, Kalita, French press, aero press etc. This grinder has never jammed on me, and never stalled or had any other issues. Only selling because I have recently bought a DF64v for espresso grinding.

Great option if you want to step up from a hand grinder, or baratza, etc. Great platform for 64mm burrs.

$125 shipped in CONUS


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Never used a Gen1 but really like my Gen2, it was a really noticable upgrade from the Capresso I used when I first got into decent coffee. For less than an Encore this is a great deal.