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SOLD Final price drop - Majime Limited Edition (MLE) w/ leather saya

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Jan 15, 2023
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Making a seperate post for this one. Excellent daily knife which I am selling to make space for other westerns; the food release on this one is its greatest attribute but it was a bit thick behind the edge, which Max admits and encourages thinning. I thinned it as much as possible to increase the cutting performance, retaining all of the food release.

- bought December 2022
- Link to knife: New year- Majime Limited Edition
- Saya: Saya Majime Limited Edition
- Knife has been thinned almost flat and polished, increasing cutting performance. The food release is still extremely good
- Asking: 450 400 350 300 EUR shipped!
For trades: looking for the.nine, Milan, Kippington
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