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Dec 31, 2023
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Hello everyone!

I am relatively new to the kitchen knife enthusiast fraternity but have relatively thoroughly researched the basics and am in the process of building a small collection that functions to aid my love of cooking and preparing food for family and loved ones (which is a longer standing hobby). At the moment I am on the hunt for Tanaka B1 240mm gyutos that are not wide bevel, Takada No Hamonos, Yohei (Takada) sharpened 240mm gyutos generally, and Fujiyama FMs (I seem to enjoy convex or full flat grinds and not wide bevels so much - my favourite sharpener to date whose work I have used is Myojin). Unfortunately, my taste seems to be similar to many people’s and so I covet knives that I cannot find! Grateful for any help, of course, and happy to help others in their search too.

Glad to join the community and please feel free to message me.


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