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Bryan G.

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Mar 5, 2011
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Dave, fellas, (and ladies as well),

How is everyone? I haven't had a computer for a little while so I have missed some of the changes. Dave I already miss your sub-forum on a personal level. On the business side I hope this is a good step for you and wish you all the best. I look forward to this being perhaps a more centralized "Kitchen" forum.

For the familiar posters and new ones alike I am Bryan (aka BfromSac) a pro Chef in Tampa, FL ... Good to see you guys here and as anyone who has chatted with me knows I love to share my personal experiences and what I have found to be true with knives, sharpening, kitchen and life. I have learned so much from Dave and others and just try to pay it back.

Best Regards,

Glad to see you here Bryan, welcome!

I hope things have settled a bit for you since the fire.

Hope you and your family are doing well.

Thanks guys ... Yea Rick holy cow I am happy to see familar "faces" here.

Dave I am trying to get stuff together. Need to get my internet back up (aside from phone) ... Looking forward to contributing here. I have been so damn busy at work it has made things a little more difficult. On top of it all my knives are getting "dull" and I need some down time and a spot to sharpen!

Brian, brother I said hello in another thread on KF but think you missed it. Hope you and wife are well.

Bao, thanks for kind words and wishes. Been up here to Sushi Alive lately?


ya i kinda quit reading them a while ago. im glad to have a new home though. there was too much drama and people being rude to the new members. there will always be a seemingly never-ending supply of people who ask the same questions but deserve the correct answers. anyhoo, i look forward to some great conversations with you again :D