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Oct 4, 2022
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USA, South East Coast
Hello everyone. I am Marvin from Florida. I'm here to chit and chat and buy and maybe sell some knives. Little bit about me. Well, my brain doesn't work too good. I once destroyed a brand new kato. I spend too much money on knives and other frivolous things. Knives are far from the only things I have too many of and barely actually use. I repeatedly fail to buy it right, so I typically end up buying it 17 times and still not feeling satisfied before giving up. I'm not a cook and don't work in that industry, in fact I rarely cook at home. I like knives as objects, as tools, as artwork and whatnot, I appreciate them from different perspectives, maybe as pretty ornaments or maybe just expensive decorations to annoy my girlfriend. I enjoy testing out different blade materials and designs and whatnot. I don't know much but I am learning.

So I do have a question right off the bat. I had put in a order for a 210 TF Marboroshi before they recently jacked their prices up again recently, probably to account for the historic depreciation of the Japanese yen to US dollar. Anyhow, I don't currently own any W1 knives as it is a fairly rare and obscure cutlery steel, typically only found on, well stuff like a TF for instance. So I still want to try that but I was thinking of switching the order to the Denka just for practicality sake. They offered to let me lock in the prices from when I places my initial order. My marb was supposed to be ready in another couple weeks, so I'd assume it would ship any day, but if I switch to the Denka they say I'll be waiting 2.5 months. What do you guys think I should do? I was thinking to maybe ask if I could keep the marb and if they'd just sell me a Denka in addition but for the old price. Is that rude to ask? What do you guys think I should do. I'm just worried that the my ape brain will prevent me from fully appreciating the Marb because I'm worried the knife and the steel itself will maybe not perform quite up the standards this stuff is commonly hyped to. And I do have different kind of knives, some pretty stuff but also some purely high performance stuff, so I'm kinda jaded. Sorry for the rant. Thanks.

Oh also I got antsy while I was waiting for my marb and I bought a denka petty. It's a thing I had planned and intended on doing down the line anyway, I typically like to have a gyoto and petty or something kinda equivalent for each variety of knife I own. I also have a weird idea not sure where it came from where I think it kinda makes sense to have the petty in a steel that will stay sharper longer, if that makes sense. I'll be honest just in terms of performance there are factory knives that can be had for 1/4 of the price or less which blow this thing out of the water, just by superior meaning thinner geometry and honestly even taken to the max AS while impressive can't really match the most modern high performance stuff. To say nothing of the fit and finish, which unless perhaps it's intentionally kinda sloppy for some reason it's definitely very unique. There is something cool about the knife though and I do like it, just as an object and collectable, and I definitely intend to use the heck out of it too, not just look a tit.

Also I find it interesting that TF went with AS for his premier line rather than Blue #1, which according to Hitachi is the most superior carbon steel for the purposes of a kitchen knife. And on that note, I don't currently own any blue #1 knives, so that's one of the first things I'm looking to purchase here, I'm looking for a Kisuke Aogami #1 Hon-Warikomi, prob a 210 or 240, unless someone has another suggestion.

Okay I'm actually done ranting now. Good day.
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Welcome to the forum. Moved to the kitchen knife section inorder to get your question answered.