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Feb 8, 2024
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Hi all,
I have a blue #1 nakiri, a SKD gyuto, AS petty, and my partner has a vg10 Kiritsuke.

I have a shapton ceramic 1k, NP3k, and a Kitayama 8k.
I also have a unloaded leather strop, and another loaded with 1um stroppy stuff.

I mainly use the AS petty for chicken butchery or fruit, nakiri for veg, gyuto for a mix of everything.

Do you have any recommendations to my finishing process to what I am aiming to achieve?
With the stones and strops you have, there are lots of permutations and in the end you will develop your own preferences for different tasks. Different pressures and grit jumps will give different results and variety between a higher polished edge and a toothy edge. You could use just the 1k as a finisher on all of the knives with reducing pressure and finish on a strop or go all the way to the Kitayama. The NP3k is a great all purpose finishing stone as well. I don’t have the Kitayama but it is well liked. To see the differences, you could explore the following: -

AS petty - 1k then 3k with lightest pressure then unloaded leather
Gyuto - 1k and Kitayama then unloaded leather
Nakiri - 1k, 3k and Kitayama and 1um strop