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SOLD High-heel western honyaki by Isasmedjan, and a Kato standard

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Apr 6, 2021
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East Coast, US
I love these two knives but I want to make space. Also, I spent way too much on a dream dagger that has no practical purpose and I’d like to recoup some funds.

Both knives could use a good strop but I’ll leave that for the buyer.

SOLD $525 shipped CONUS - Isasmedjan Western Honyaki purchased from

SOLD $1200 shipped CONUS - Kato std purchased from SOLD - Yoshiaki Fujiwara 240 gyuto


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Bump on Isasmedjan. Price dropped to $525 but make an offer if you’re on the fence.

Don’t miss your chance to experience, “a masterpiece for the ages” and “one of the few reasons I still enjoy cooking.” This particular profile is unlike anything I’ve had before. It’s very nimble at the tip and balance is excellent overall.