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WTS "I'm Going to Regret This" Halcyon Forge, Black Lotus, Isasmedjan, Masakage

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Jul 23, 2021
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Los Angeles
I'm struggling to post this as I love each of these knives, and I have no reason to sell them aside from the fact that I have more incoming and don't want them sitting in a drawer. Hope y'all got your tax refunds.

Price includes PayPal G&S and CONUS shipping, Canada add $10, International we can talk. Take off 3% if you're paying PayPal F&F.

Halcyon Forge San Mai 237x52 - $800 shipped - SPF
1.2519 Core and A203E clad
Grind: Midweight
Handle: Figured ironwood
Weight: 199g
Thoughts: This is quite the stunner and has a beautiful blue patina. It's been sharpened once on an Aizu and my god does it take a crazy edge very quickly. I love the rich color in the ironwood, although the pictures aren't doing a good job of showing it. Used a handful of times at home.

Halcyon Forge Blue Twist 237x52 - $1300 shipped
1095/15n20 twisted pattern
Grind: Workhorse
Handle: African Blackwood with dyed blue mapled burl
Weight: 246g
Thoughts: This one is extra difficult to part with because I purchased it as it matches my company's color scheme. I've used it a handful of times at home to cut some onions, carrots, steaks, cabbage and tofu. It's wicked sharp and has nice food release thanks to its compound s-grind. Amazing and unique work by Joe. You can look at Joe's listing here.

Black Lotus San Mai 230x55 - $1000 shipped
Damascus is 1084x15n20 and cladding is 410 stainless steel
Grind: Midweight
Handle: Australian colorian era ancient redgum
Weight: 230g
Thoughts: I freakin' love this knife. The dimensions are right up my alley. The distal taper is insane and gets so damn thin at the tip. The profile is a bit more flat so not a lot of rocking to be done with this. It's got a subtle but long scratch by the maker's mark and it's about 3 inches but I feel like it can probably be scuffed out with light sanding. I think it came from trying to put a saya on that was a bit too tight. Not sharpened or stropped. I'm ok if no one wants this.

Isasmedjan 238x54 Gyuto with saya - $425 shipped SOLD
1.2159 core, reactive cladding
Grind: Midweight
Handle: Bog oak
Weight: 213g
Thoughts: At first I was a little underwhelmed by this gyuto because it was quite dull, and after a quick pass on the Aizu it got very sharp very damn fast. The saya is also bog oak. Feels very sturdy, easy to go slow or fast, and really fun to use. Got it from Hauscarl a few months back.

Masakage Koishi AS Bunka 174x47 with saya - $250 shipped SOLD
Aogami Super core and stainless clad
Grind: Laser-ish
Handle: Wa cherry wood with pakka wood collar
Weight: 125g
Thoughts: This was my first japanese knife and while it's really great, sharp and fun, it got overshadowed by the rest of my collection. Nothing bad to say about this, it's just that I realized I prefer gyuto that are 210mm+. Not sharpened but has been stropped a few times on leather with diamond compound.

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