Itsu Doi/Sakai Takayuki Homura Kengata

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Jul 25, 2023
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So as the title states I have the knife above (going to go with an acronym here because the name is too long, STHK). If you are like me, you've seen this knife some and have been curious about it but the price has kept you away. Well, I found a decent price for it and the cat in me had to find out.

It has an interesting grind and if you would like to try it out let me know. If there's enough interest we can do a pass around. I am not exactly sure how this works.
Been regretting selling my Doi and have been looking at the Doi Suisins longingly for a bit.

Probably won't participate in a passaround (too much responsibility at home to do it justice), but would recommend people trying out Doi steel.
I would be down to try it out if you're dying to send it to someone. The profile and grind, particularly around the tip, look interesting.