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SOLD Jiro #307 240mm Yo, Kikumori Y. Tanaka Stainless-clad White#2 225m k-tip gyuto, Mazaki 210mm KU Gyuto

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Apr 27, 2021
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San Francisco
Sakai Kikumori Asagiri 225mm K-tip gyuto
Stainless clad White #2 by Y Tanaka
211x51 201g [email protected] [email protected]
Balance between heel and first kanji
Asking 300 (sells for 350 on Strata Sakai Kikumori - Asagiri - White #2 Stainless Clad - Kasumi - 225 Kiritsuke Gyuto - Black Lacquered Oak Handle)
Sharpened once when I received it. I'll say a few words since there isn't much on the internet about this. Pretty solid Sakai midweight with a righty-bias grind that isn't too flat on the back side (so no stickage). Profile is a pretty subtle continuous curve (I'm more of a mega flatspot type of guy)

Mazaki Kurouchi Nashiji 210mm Gyuto (White #2)
215x50 160g [email protected] [email protected]
Balance between heel and first kanji
SOLD Asking 180 (sells for 235 on Carbon Mazaki White#2 Kuro Nashiji Gyuto 210mm)
One full sharpening progression done. Handle is rotated slightly relative to the blade, not noticeable with a pinch grip.

Jiro 307 240mm Yo (White #1)
Asking 700
Balance at heel (just behind pinch)
Paid 700 for this from KKF, see Jiro Tsuchime Yo Gyuto 240mm Tagayasan Handle (#307), specs should all apply.
Sharpened once when I received it.

All prices are CONUS shipped, Paypal G&S

Will consider trades/trades+cash as well (stuff like rare FMs (Kaiju, vintage carbon, super, etc), Shihan, Manaka, HSC, Kipp, Denka, 270mm sujis, western makers).
All of these have light patina which I can Flitz off upon request, but it's prob better to keep it on for shipping. All of these come with all original packaging.


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Apr 15, 2021
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I have the same stainless clad Asagiri w2. I was pleasantly surprised how thin behind the edge it was as well as the taper at the tip. What more, is this is a k-tip but the heel height is 50+ which is rare for k-tips I think.

Stainless Clad Tanakas are rare and best of both worlds IMO, and this one is affordable as well. GLWS :)