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WTS - EU JKI Vitrified Diamond 800, NSK 400 (Hakuto1, 290x100mm)

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Jul 4, 2022
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Seling a few stones to fund more stones I've got my eyes on.

Message me to discuss or for more pics. I prefer shipping in the UK as that's where I am based, but will consider international also. I've tried to price fairly as I've had to pay import etc but DM to discuss. Will also be very interested in trades in part or otherwise for stones, cleavers or large diamond plates/flatteners.

JKI Vitrified Diamond #800 - (£270 £250, read description)

I have flattened this stone to try and remove some initial surface imperfections that were bothering me, and removed approx 1mm of material. There is approximately 2mm of stone left. It's worth noting this stone is VERY slow wearing it (as I found out during flattening) so there is still a decent bit of life left in the stone. There is some load up (can be removed before shipping) but doesn't seem to affect cutting speed. Some scratches on the glass due to abrasives but no cracks/chips on the glass or stone.

I have reduced the price to reflect the material loss, but I'll be honest I don't really know what to charge so feel free to message me to discuss a fair price. A good opportunity to try this stone. Great stone and incredibly fast for it's grit.

NSK #400 (Hakuto1, hardest option), custom size 290x100mm - (£275) £260

I'll be honest I still really like this stone and still enjoy using it, but I'll list it anyway as i am aware the custom sizing means it's quite a niche interest and might take a while to find a buyer. I use this one mainly for large cleavers and knives. Really good stone, very fast cutting and slow wearing. Feel and feedback is great. The vast majority of the abrasive layer is still remaining.
No cracks or chips. I haven't cleaned the surface in the pictures as I'm still using it but I can flatten completely before shipping.


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