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Feb 28, 2011
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Beverly Hills, CA
Here are some videos we've shot that you may find useful. If you have any questions, let me know.









That is the first time I have ever heard of a tako that was double edged! good stuff jon keep it coming
Thanks Jon for making these vids. I'm definitely going to try out that new tip and micro-bevel work. Luckily I took Japanese in high-school, so I knew how to pronounce the names!--but, I want to thank you for putting that out there for others. I cringe every time I hear someone mispronounce gyuto.
That is the first time I have ever heard of a tako that was double edged! good stuff jon keep it coming
haha... the Japanese make all kinds of stuff. The double bevel tako is like a japanese version of a ham slicer though.
New videos from yesterday:



Hope you find them helpful
First of all, a big thanks for putting these videos out! They are quite helpfull, at least to me.
May I suggest that you make the next videos in a ligher room.(or better tune the camera) These last ones are too dark.
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yeah... i noticed that after i shot them... sorry about that. I had a 3.5 aperture lens instead of my 1.4 on the camera. I'll fix it for newer videos.
Thanks, Jon. That was pretty much what I expected, but clears things up nicely, and always good seeing people sharpen single bevels... just not nearly as much video out there on single bevel sharpening as there is on double bevel stuff.
Jon, these videos are very helpful, I wish I had seen the single bevel one before I tried sharpening my dojo yanagiba for the first time :|! It would be cool to do some videos showing the proper way to use these knives and illustrate things like the push cut opposed to the rock chop and old school western style techniques that are taught over and over again. Maybe you could share some of the things you learned technique wise from your experiences in japan? At any rate, thanks and keep up the great work! This was much more useful than many of the videos I have seen/purchased!
I tried the new tip method and micro-bevel today. The tip method worked great! My tips are looking much better and it feels intuitive. I did the micro-bevel so I'll see how it holds up, it's still scary sharp. The way I hold my knife for sharpening is the same as you showed in your video; I guess I developed it after trial and error. Thanks for the tips (pun intended).
New video... i went over to vinoteque on melrose to hang out with my friend KC (arturo was there too). We shot this video: