just a crappy wooden spoon (that I love)

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Feb 1, 2013
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this spoon was free. I got it before I was married. I bought a house, and moved in. shortly afterwards I got a coupon in the mail from the neighborhood grocery store. it welcomed me to the area and offered me a free gift choice. I somehow grabbed this spoon. I have used it on and off, but recently I have been gravitating towards it. I have some better wooden spoons made from fancier wood. I actually think this spoon came with a wooden spatula that I remember breaking in half by accident. I have taken a pocket knife to "trim" burned sections off. hahah.. or sections that got soft from being left in water. its been burned by a stove left too hot. it is stained completely thru.

I am having a difficult time tossing it. there is just something about a roughen, hard used, stained cheap wooden spoon. :). I keep looking for a replacement. one day, someday. but not today.

I need it for beef stroganoff tonight. :D


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