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SOLD Kamimura Chef

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Feb 27, 2022
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Victoria, Canada
Hey kkf,

I now have two Kamimura chef knives which means it’s time for one to go (according to my wife, but she’s the boss so here we go).

This is a 9” 1084 Monosteel chef with a bog oak handle and brass bolster.

It is used and the last picture shows the light scratch marks on the blade. I honestly forget if I ever sent this in for sharpening. If it was sharpened, it would have been done by Adam at Knifewear in Edmonton if that is important at all to you.

After asking some knife retailers and people with larger Kamimura collections than I, they feel this same knife sold by Neil today would be about $2,100. The retailers whom I won’t name said they would sell it for $1,800-$1,900 in it’s used condition. Considering the damascus san mai I just purchased from him was $3,400, I think that valuation sounds right? But I really don’t know. Just trying to give you as much information as possible to go off of.

It came to just under $1,700 when I bought it direct from Neil in 2019 so I’d like to get that back.

Price is $1,700 usd + shipping worldwide.

Hopefully I have provided sufficient information to give you the full picture of this knife.

Have a great day,

P.S. The other knives posted in my previous WTT are long gone now.


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Would it be possible to get a picture to go with this full picture?