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SOLD Kanehide TK semi-stainless gyuto 210 ($100)

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Feb 6, 2015
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Super dependable western. I've seen multiple kitchen pros here say over the years that the Kanehide TK series is a favorite at work. Comfortable handle, good F&F, mono semi-stainless at 61+ hrc, smooth cutting.

Per retailer: 212x46.1, 1.9 at heel, 186g.

Like the other knives I'm currently selling, this one is barely used if at all. I have a hazy recollection of maybe doing a side-by-side of this knife and a tojiro pro on an onion, but neither unseated my takamura. Regardless, it is in new or like new condition.

I paid $139.50. Take it for $100 PP G&S, shipped CONUS.

1 - Kanehide TK - Right Side.jpg

2 - Kanehide TK - Left Side.jpg

3 - Kanehide TK - Choil.jpg

^ This choil shot depicts an aggressive microbevel, and the knife definitely has a microbevel. But its appearance at the heel looks like it's the product of an overgrind in the microbevel right at the heel:

4 - overgrind - heel.jpg

Probably the buyer will remove the micro bevel anyway.
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