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SOLD Kippington 52100 & Halcyon 52100

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Jun 25, 2021
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Hi all, I have two knifes that I'm looking to sell (may be open to certain trades too for one or both) so I can thin out the herd a bit. Both are fantastic knifes just a little redundant and I'd like to pass them along to someone who will use them more.

First up is a Kippington S-grind gyuto in 52100 steel. 225mmx53mm and weighs 208g. I'm a southpaw and I feel like the grind would work way better for someone who's not asking what i payed plus shipping which is $600 shipped CONUS. I'm the second owner and this one has never been sharpened as far as I'm aware the edge is still wicked sharp and I've only used it twice for some veg prep at home. The blade is starting to show some really cool blue and purple patina.

Next up is a Halcyon forge petty in 52100 its 150mmx42mm and weighs 104g. The handle is a really cool piece of spalted Hackberry. I'm the original owner and have only used it once to portion some cooked pork belly. This knife is a great little cutter but I have a couple other pettys in the same steel and size that I reach for more and am looking to sell it before it gets used a lot. I will look up the original sale page and post in the comments. Asking what i paid $450 shipped CONUS.


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