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SOLD Kisuke Manaka Blue #1 240mm (BNIB)

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Jul 3, 2022
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Hello fellow knife peeps. Looking to move this Manaka to a good home. Knife has not been used and comes with original box. This is quite the beautiful blade but was bought thinking I may use it at work. Unfortunately, my Wakui and Gorobei still remain the winners for my 240mm spots.

I had bought this from r/Chefknifeswap about a week or 2 ago and it's a custom knife. 4th image is a video btw.


Selling for $350 Shipped.

Also willing to trade if it's interesting. Looking to add a Nakagawa or Nigara x Myojin, Tanaka, Togashi, Hado, or TF in 210mm or 240mm or knives similar (can be stainless clad and not one of the makers listed) if anyone's trying to do a trade + cash on my end if needed. Feel free to dm me with any trade inquiries.


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Some specs:

Smith: Shunsuke Manaka
Origin: Kasukabe, Saitama prefecture
Edge Length: 240 mm
Core Steel: Blue (Aogami) #1
Cladding: Soft iron cladding
Construction: Hand forge welded Hon-warikomi
Sharpening: Hand Sharpened and polished on Japanese Whetstones by Manaka himself
Height at Heel: 56 mm
Spine Thickness: 3.6 mm

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