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Mac Superior Bread Knife

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Slightly Less Hooligan
KKF Supporting Member
Mar 1, 2011
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Hiyas folks,

I found this sitting in my junk drawer the other day, having been unused for quite a bit, and decided it might be time to let it go.

Full disclosure:

The knife has been used, lowball estimate, to slice at least 500 loaves of crusty bread in a professional capacity. The edge is not nearly as good as it was stock, and could most likely use a bit of sharpening if you have the means to sharpen a scalloped edge. It'll still slice your bread just fine, but don't expect "like new" performance.

The logos and kanji have started to fade from abrasion with green scrubber pads, which also left a light scratch pattern on the blade itself. If you've ever cleaned a knife with a green scrubbie, you know what this looks like.

There are no real problems with the handle scales, though there are a few slight idiosyncrasies between them in the finish.

Also throwing in the extremely high quality, hand-made saya you see in the below picture :)jumping:) at no extra charge! Take that, MARKO.


Sorry about the quality. I'm not attempting to conceal anything wrong with the knife (that I didn't already mention), just woke up and not feeling like fussing with the camera.

$25 covers fees and shipping to your door.
Alright, alright. Save this poor thing from the trash, it's a terrible place for a knife. Imagine the horror you'd feel if you heard about some poor hobo, elbows deep in a dumpster, getting his thumbs cut off by a "slightly" used Mac Superior Bread Knife that had been thrown away because nobody wanted it! Man. That'd be horrible. I know, personally, that I couldn't sleep at night.

I'll let it go for shipping plus a pack of smokes. Let's call it a $13 KKF only deal.
Agh woulda nabbed this in a heartbeat... been looking for a new bread knife. Shoot!
lol buy it from Tiger. I'm sure you can still get it super cheap..like, say, $30 shipping included?

Go free market!:headbonk:
ha! never! that spoon is enchanted. I want a 15" one, but can't find anything like it!