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SOLD Matsubara 210mm Gyuto

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Jan 27, 2020
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Matsubara 214x58mm Gyuto
White #1, iron clad

Selling this one only because I was finally able to find a taller one in B#2. I've put in quite a bit of work into this including reshaping the back part of the heel to less of a point, a couple thinning sessions behind the edge (while maintaining the original grind further up the blade as much as possible), and a polish+etch of the blade. The resulting grind is a full convex that is slightly on the thinner side of medium. The white #1 takes a keen edge. I'm a fan of tall blades. These knives have much more height than your typical 210, giving it some extra weight behind your chop.

Spine and choil are already rounded off so there's no sharp spots. The octagonal handle is nothing fancy, but feels comfortable. The knife takes a crazy patina. It has an incredibly vivid blue on the majority of the exposed steel. I also included some photos with mineral oil applied so that you can see the fingerstone polish and etch. In actual use, the appearance is somewhere in between what you see in the photos.

$225 shipped & insured within US (international I can cover the first $15, PM for details)
Comes with original box

Blade length: 214mm
Height at Heel: 58mm
Weight: 189g
Balance: approx 20mm forward from heel

Spine Thickness
Heel: 3.1mm
Midpoint: 2.2mm
1cm from Tip: 0.9mm






Before and after thinning
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