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WTS Mauroyama Aisa and Natsuya

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Apr 17, 2021
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Hi guys,

Need to unload two stones I don't use that often anymore :)

Stone #1 is a Mauroyama Aisa with Namazu and Nashiji pattern, bought from Watanabe back in 2020 asking for $430 + shipping
This stone is one of the easiest to use from what I've tried, very soft and self slurry very easily, I think it works very well with convex bevel kitchen knives because of the softness and muddiness, however, not the best tool stones out there due to the same reason.
It could work after say 3K or even 2K if you're clean:)
Size is 190 x 70 x 35

Shameless plug

Stone #2 is a Natsuya, bought it for $260 shipped, selling it for $170 + shipping.
Bought it for first step of natural progression when I first got into it, these days it just sits on top of my kitchen cabinet because I prefer going up to 2k synthetic then Aizu or my softer suitas.
Very bitey edge if that's your thing, personally I like to go a bit finer so no real reason for me to keep it anymore.
Size is 210 x 75 x 55


Shameless plug 2

Both stones ship from the forbidden shipping land (quote from my friend Ben) aka Australia - freight cost will be pricy af if you're from the US (approximately $40).
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I’ve used a Maruoyama Asia before and it was an amazing stone reaching for my Nakayama Tomae, but of course much softer. It was all brown though and much smaller