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SOLD Mizukihara natural stone

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Nov 27, 2021
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For sale today is a mizukihara (I need to figure out a new way to start these posts) mid-grit sharpening stone. I actually really enjoy using this stone. It's pretty soft and with a wide bevel and a little pressure it releases lots of mud, but with a lighter pressure during sharpening it releases a little less mud and leaves a refined but very toothy edge. I would say it performs similar to an aoto in that regard, but is a little bit higher in grit than a typical aoto. Using this after an aoto leaves a great edge for vege, but I got great results going from a 1k synth then jumping to this one as a finisher. I've taken some finish pics just to show what it does, but I don't recommend it as a polisher, it seems to release a coarse grit during sharpening that leaves a scratchy finish, and that's why I compare it to an aoto. Sides are sealed but not the bottom. The stone is a little on the thirsty side but not overly so, so I didn't feel the need to seal the bottom after I received it. Both top and bottom are flat and usable, bottom has more lines than the top but I didn't notice it affecting the edge, although they can be felt during polishing.

Asking $65 shipped CONUS for this one, happy to ship internationally but due to the low price please DM first

Size: 161mm*63mm*28mm
Weight: 691g