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Mar 17, 2022
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Hellos people looking to get into some Japanese knives hopefully buy and trade I’m in sac area thanks !
No real salmon fishing down here now, heading down to the bay next week for halibut the bite is on, strippers are going strong as well.
Greetings from a New Mexico newbie. I am looking forward to my membership in this forum. Browsing around, I have already found a number of topics and information that is interesting to me.

I have been very interested in Japan and Japanese cuisine for decades. Unfortunately, most of our favorite Japanese restaurants in my state closed permanently during the pandemic. Because of that, I began studying Japanese cuisine and learning how to prepare it at home. Which, of course, led me to a growing interest in Japanese knives. I want to know about the many varieties, where to find them, how to care for them, etc. This forum seems like the place to get all those questions answered.

Right now, I have two Japanese knives. One is a usuba and the other a yanagiba. Both were purchased from Aritsugu Kyoto.

I want more!
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Welcome I bought a sweet Nigara gyuto on the forums


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