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Apr 13, 2022
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Athens Georgia
New to Japanese water stone sharpening and kitchen knife collecting.
I have a Vintage sabatier Paris 9in chef's knife and a block set of Forscner Superblades with two 8" slicers. These are also French made(so stated) so I'm guessing pre Victorinox?
Posted at another thread for help in identifying three Japanese(?)commercial knives I got at a thrift store to practice on.
I have two King stones 225 and 800 grit and a Goodjob 1000/6000 double side.
Several years ago I was busy building knives but mostly hunting style knives skinners etc. I thought back then did I might take a whirl at building some nice kitchen knives but never got to it.
Right now I'm mostly concentrating and sharpening and collecting.
Waaaaaay impressed by the knowledge base that I think exists here.
I'm going to attach a picture of the mystery Japanese knives


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