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SOLD Nihei SLD Nashiji Gyuto 240mm

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Nov 18, 2017
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Western Australia

$280 $260 shipped worldwide – If you are in OZ I can work a better deal for you via DM

From here:

Carbons description:

Nihei knives are produced in Fukushima, Japan by former apprentice of Yoshikane Hamono, the talented Takahiro Nihei. Forged from SLD tool steel rated at 64hrc with a soft stainless cladding. SLD is considered a semi stainless steel, though not as reactive as more pure high carbon steels, it may form a light patina over extended use.

SLD is known for its incredible edge retention and sharpens very easily. The blade is finished with a nashiji pattern on the top of the blade and a mirror polish towards the edge of the blade. These knives have thin grinds with light convexity and very nice distal taper. Octagonal chestnut handles with ebony wood ferrule.

The best way to think of this knife is a convex Yoshikane. Lightly used, touched up once

For some reason I don’t reach for this knife and it is sitting idle. With more knives planned on being purchased with limited rack space its time to move it on.

The finish is mirror nashi and is incredibly hard to photograph, it in person it’s my wife’s favourite looking knife. Its in very good condition with light marring from my old knife rack on one side. This is only visible in certain light/angles – I have tried to capture as best as I can in the photos below








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ok so a member asked about the photo currency - The pics were all taken the day of posting... I cleaned the knife and was wondering around the house trying to photograph the finish, that's why there there is a couple of different backgrounds. BTW trying to photograph mirror finishes is hard one handed.

Here is a couple from today with todays date


Man, this is a really nice looking knife, and a great deal. If I didn't already have two Yoshis I would be all over this
I guess just to avoid scammer, thats why member asked for up to date pic.

If i"m looking for gyuto, i definitly snatch this. But all i need is suji :) sold my takamura gyuto