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Mar 1, 2011
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Hey guys, there was a thread started today, asking if there was interest in a pass around. Dave and Jim, looking out for us makers closed the thread that was started. I did appreciate what they were doing, nice to see the mods are on top of things here quickly! :ggodjob:

Now comes this thread, which I might add, I cleared with Dave and Jim, so we are good to go. I am proposing to offer 1 of 3 possible knives to make rounds to those interested, and seeing as Lefty started the origional thread, he graciously agreed to referee this one.

What I would like to know, is who is interested, and which of the following knives you would like to see first hand.

1 270mm Hybrid handled Sujihiki in CPM 154

2 240mm Western handled Gyuto in CPM 154

3 240mm Gyuto in Rose pattern Damasteel

Majority will rule.

Final number of people on the list, and duration in hand to be determined.

So there you have it, let me, sorry us, know your thoughts. :scared2:

I would be interested in trying a sujihiki in CPM 154, although the gyutos would be of interest as well.
+1 for the 240 damasteel. You are very kind to take this on Pierre. THANK YOU!
I would be interested in trying a sujihiki in CPM 154

Count me in please one way or another.

I think its great the way the makers are stepping up for these pass around's.

There is no way I would be able to try all these great skills out otherwise.

Many thanks.
I would be interested in trying a sujihiki in CPM 154, although the gyutos would be of interest as well.

the sujihiki piques my interest the most too, but i'd love to try the others, as well.
Do I still get to vote? :D
Damasteel all the way!
I've wanted to see it in person for a little while now!
#1 -- Been there, got the t-shirt :happy2:

#2 -- not my first choice, but woud try it anyway. :cool2:

#3 -- I would love to be in on a pass-around with one of your new damasteel knives :thumbsup2:
Looks like my routing issue shouldn't be too tough!
This list looks strangely familiar...
:biggrin2: :thumbsup2:
Ooh...it's getting closer! Suji is coming on strong!

I vote for Damasteel. I thinks its something the majority of us have not tried (at least in a kitchen knife)

I'm going to have to go with damasteel gyuto.
Thanks for doing this Pierre!
If you haven't already sent me a pm with your city and state/province, please do so soon enough. I want to get the routing figured out for this badboy!
If I'm not too late, the suji sounds very enticing to me. I'll go with the damasteel as a close second.
Sorry everyone...sign up is done!
If we let it keep going, we won't have this thing wrapped up until the next winter olympics.
I'll be posting the pass around routing and rules tomorrow afternoon.
Once you've read the rules, let me know if you're still in or not.
Thanks for all the interest and secret pm's . ;)
This list is COMPLETE!
If you aren't on here and you had interest in the pass around, I'm sorry, but there is only so much room. More importantly, I need to protect Pierre's beautiful work the best I can, as I believe we ALL do.

I would like to thank Pierre for making this pass around come together. I speak on behalf of all of us, when I say this...so, THANKS BEAR!

Pass Around rules will be as follows:

1. I release kitchenknifeforums.com, it's members, etc from any liability that results from my participating in this passaround. This includes any damages that may result from using, abusing, or testing the passaround knife. I am over 18 years of age, and the knife involved in the passaround is legal to possess in my jurisdiction.

2. I agree that I will have the passaround knife for a period of ten days, then send it to the next person on the list, at my expense. I agree that postage and insurance are my responsibility and that should the knife fail to reach the next member of the list, it is my responsibility to replace it.

3. When sending the knife, I will send by a method that requires signature confirmation and insure the package for an amount equal to or greater than the replacement cost of the knife, which is $750.00 US. I acknowledge that this will be more expensive and bear the sole responsibility for these costs. I will carefully package the knife / item with all seams taped and the item secured wrapped within the package.

(USPS is considered to be the cheapest and fastest service for mailing a passaround knife, however UPS is faster on claim service).

4. I will make the best effort to pass along the knife in as good of condition as possible, if not better. If the blade is dull and I feel confident in my sharpening skills, I will put a fresh edge on the knife before I send it along. I will clean any grime or residue off the blade before passing it along.

5. In the event the knife is broken, fails, or is otherwise destroyed, I will immediately contact the owner of the knife (Pierre).

6. If the knife failed due to abuse that is not covered by the warranty, it is my responsibility to replace the knife.

7. It is *my* responsibility for getting the knife to the next person on the list.

By taking part in this pass around, we are all agreeing to write a a review of the knife, along with what we like/love and if there is anything we do would change about it. We have to be honest, because they are for Pierre, in order to further understand what exactly we all like in a knife.
Once you are finished the review, send it to me via email (I'll let you know my address via pm), and I will forward it on to Pierre.

I'll post the pass around order in another post, in a very very short time.
Thanks everyone, for your interest!
The order is as follows:

1) ME :D
2) echerub
3) caddy
4) edipisreks
5) mattrud
6) robinw
7) andrewh
8) heldentenor
9) bprescot
10) Pensacola Tiger
11) johndoughy
12) Tom V.
13) so_sleepy
14) jbroida
15) chuck239
16) spikec
17) kalaeb
18) Adam
19) spinblue

* Jim will be inserted where he best fits, geographically, so you might be bumped down one spot, depending on your location.

I'll let Pierre announce which knife it is going to be. I will tell you this...it is not a bread knife. :)
Gentlemen, first of all I would like to thank each of you for taking the time to be part of this pass around. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this knife, and learning from you, how to improve on future builds. I also want to thank Lefty (Tom) for his part in this as well, without whom, this would have dragged out a bit longer I fear!

I am offering an opportunity to try out a newer steel in kitchen knives, something that has found its home in hunters, tacticals, and upscale folders. Yes, Damasteel was the winner by a hair. So a 240mm western handled Damasteel Gyuto will eventually find its way to each of you. From my early testing, Damasteel offers pretty much everything CPM154 does, but with a little visual character. This piece is "Rose" pattern. It has a full distal taper, flat ground, slight convex edge, with a slightly shorter profile than some I have out there. The knife will ship as if it was going to a customer. Packaged is a new Japanese print cloth bag, with an edge protector, and will be numbered, with a Certificate of Origin, and basic care instructions. All I ask, is that the knife goes to the next person packaged in a similar fashion to how you received it.

Those of you confident in the finer art of sharpening, can of course sharpen it if needed, it would be nice for the next person in line to have a fresh edge. If you choose not to sharpen, and the edge needs work, let the next person in line know that.

I hope each of you get the opportunity to put this knife through its paces. As a home cook, I could not put it through what some of you can. Please don't abuse it, but defiantly use it! I look forward to hearing your likes, and learning from your dislikes.

Thanks and enjoy!

This may possibly be the longest 170 days of my life. But I am definitely excited. Thank you for making it possible. :headbang: