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WTS (Price Dropped) Shoichi Hashimoto (橋本庄市), Kippington Honyaki, Munetoshi Honyaki, Y. Tanaka 250mm white #1

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Nov 21, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I have a few knives for sale that I either never use or don't use anymore.

Shoichi Hashimoto (橋本庄市) Blue / White Damascus Gyuto 210mm with snakewood handle and saya. I took it out to hold the knife and take pictures but it never touched food. This was a black friday impulse buy from KNS. Looking to get back what I paid for.
Weight: 169g

Shipped CONUS: $1700 $1650

Shoichi Hashimoto (橋本庄市) blue/white Damascus Gyuto 210mm

Kippington W2 Honyaki 210mm. With Saya (pin missing). I bought it a few years ago from Reddit. The steel is superb. I sharpened and put a Uchigumori finish on it, and never used it again. It has a nice taper. It's just too narrow towards the tip that I don't feel safe using it.

Shipped CONUS: $450 Sold

Kippington W2 Honyaki 210mm

Munetoshi 240 White #2 Honyaki. This knife was not very usable BNIB. It has a laser grind but the tang was fit short into the handle, with concavity on the grind, and too thick towards the tip. I put a lot of effort to refit the handle with beeswax, and coat the handle with beeswax, thin the tip, remove most of the cacavity, and polish the knife a bit.
Weight: 156g

Shipped CONUS: $580 $530

Munetoshi 240 White #2 Honyaki

Y. Tanaka 250mm white #1 Damascus BNIB. The knife is too big and the profile is not for me.
Weight: 238g

Shipped CONUS: $350 $310

Y. Tanaka 250mm white #1

Munetoshi 210 white #1 iron clad. I really liked the steel, but knife is not completely straight.
Weight: 181g

Shipped CONUS: $140 $105 Sold

Munetoshi 210 white #1 iron clad

Sakai Ichiji 150mm Carbon Steel Deba knife. I used it a few times but don't have much use for it.
Weight: 239g

Shipped CONUS: $50. $40 $30. $10 if you buy with another knife Sold

Sakai Ichiji 150mm Carbon Steel Deba knife

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Here is a family photo:

Knives I am open to trade for:
Konosuke Fujiyama FM 240mm Blue 1 or Swedish carbon to replace my broken baby Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #1 240mm WRECKED
Munetoshi Honyaki with thick grind
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