Rare Jnat Giveaway!

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Not in, but this is super cool. Nice stuff mate.

And def follow Teddy’s timber of course…
Wow thanks for the generosity, really digging your wood, oops that came out all wrong.

In x2!
I’m in for 2.

Interested to see what you post on Instagram in future. I like figured woods.

Sorry to hear you got scammed! :-(
Awesomely generous giveaway! I’m in for 3. One for the say, one for Insta, and one because I’ve never had the pleasure of a Jnat before (only a synthetic natural).
Drawing now, I count a total of 140 tickets, will do Random.org and count the number of tickets until we get to the number chosen. Thanks all good luck
Number 49 is the winner which looks like @Johnsmyname is the winner! Cool to see someone who hasn't had one win. Will be DMing you. Thanks everyone. Next time I'll do a wa handle blank.