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SOLD Ryusen Blazen Wa-Gyuto 180 ($225)

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Feb 6, 2015
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Selling another knife I never got around to using (or maybe tested once, don't remember and it looks literally unused). This is part of the relatively new Ryusen Blazen wa series. Wicked thin convex grind. SG2 core. Clearly a lot of thought in the design with the shaped handle and hammered/textured finish. Per retailer: 182x44.2, 2.3 at heel, 116g. A light and nimble shallot destroyer.

Comes with original Ryusen box and certificate of authenticity.

I paid $304.75 at Carbon Knife Co. Current retail price there has dropped to $297. I'll let this go deeply discounted to encourage a quick sale: $225 PP G&S, shipped CONUS. [SOLD]

1 - BlazenWa180- Right Side.jpg

2 - BlazenWa180 - Left Side.jpg

3 - BlazenWa180 - Choil.jpg

And here's a pic from the CKC website showing the distal taper and absurdly thin tip:


And another pic from CKC showing the nice box that I already put away and can't be bothered to photograph. But it's the same box that you'll get:

5 - box.jpg


  • 4 - spine taper.jpg
    4 - spine taper.jpg
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